Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meaningful gifts

The most meaningful gifts I have received were not fancy or expensive. They were gifts which made me think of the person fondly each time I saw them. 

A camper, drawing a picture for me, my grandmother putting strawberry candies on our strawberry plants to surprise me, a friend writing a note saying how much she appreciates me. Most times, these are much more meaningful than something expensive bought at a fancy store. 

The main component , to me, is that the gift is personal and is given genuinely by a person who cares.

What is the most meaningful gift you have received and what made it special?

1 comment:

  1. The most valuable gifts I have received are not material things. One of my teachers, for example, was rather harsh in his criticism of my writing assignments. It gradually dawned on me that he was extra-hard on me because he thought of me as a writer. It was a great gift to have someone I respected consider me as a colleague.

    Likewise, a great gift for me was the time I spent with my children as they were growing up. Those are moments that can never be replicated, and are still precious to me.